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Main Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to create a product for selling?
A: Please follow this link.

Q: What services does Top3d.net offer to its users?
A: Top3d.net helps you promote, sell, buy and exchange your digital products with other people.

Q: Is registration required to buy, sell and exchange content?
A: Content preview is available without registration. However, you need to get registered to be able to buy, sell or exchange products.

Q: How do I get registered on Top3d.net?
A: To get registered on Top3d.net, please click śRegister ť button in the top right corner of the web page, then fill out the appropriate fields. Please note that fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Q: Is registration free?
A: Yes, registration on Top3d.net is 100% free.

Q: How do I search for products?
A: Top3d.net offers you a friendly Search options to find the very item you need within the short time. You may search by category, keywords, author, min\max price, file type and publication date.

Q: What if I forget my password?
A: Just open the Forgot Password page and enter your login. You will receive the password to your email in several minutes.

Q: I failed to receive an email with my Top3D.net account details.
A: If you failed to receive an email from Top3d.net, please contact our Customer Support Service to resolve this problem.

Q: I have got a suggestion that may help Top3D.net to be a better site.
A: Top3D.net appreciates any comments you have to improve our service. You can post all your suggestion and comments to our Suggestion Box on Top3D.net Forum.

Q: How will you use my personal details? Will my details be exposed or shared with any other third parties?
A: Your details are used for registration purposes only. Protecting your privacy is our first priority. Top3D.net will not forward your personal details to any third parties.

Q: How do I contact Top3D.net Support?
A: You can contact our Customer Support Service any time using the contact form.

Q: I would like to buy a 3D model but I need that in another format, can you convert it for me?
A: Please send a request to our Customer Support Service.

Q: How can I download the products I have purchased?
A: To download the purchased content, please login to your Top3d.net account and go to DOWNLOADS in your user menu.

Q: What if I have a problem with a purchased product?
A: : If the product fails to be downloaded, is of poor quality, or appears to be incompatible with your software, please contact our Customer Support Service within seven days since the product is purchased. We will contact the author and try to resolve any problems in order to make your purchase satisfactory. If the purchase is still unsatisfactory, we can process a return and refund the original sale.

Q: How do I exchange products?
A: FREE exchange is available for registered users only having one or more products uploaded to Top3d.net. Please log in to your Top3d.net account and go to EXCHANGE. Choose a user you would like to make an exchange with, select your products and your opponent's products to exchange. Click "Make an offer" to send an inquiry. To view exchange offers you have received, please go to "Seller's offers". Each offer may be cancelled (click "Cancel") or accepted (click "Accept"). You can also make a counter offer (click "Change"). If you accept an offer, you may download the products offered to you (go to "Download") while the other user will be able to download your products. To view exchange offers you have made, please go to "My offers". You can delete each offer (click "Delete"), change it (click "Change") or view its status ("In process" “ your offer has not been reviewed yet; "Cancelled" “ your offer has been cancelled; "Accepted" “ your offer has been accepted).

Q: Does Top3d.net permit to sell adult products?
A: We do not permit the sale of any Adult content, or any pornography (pictures, videos, etc). However, pictures of lingerie, adult toys and similar products are permitted with restrictions. Because it is impossible to list all items that are restricted or prohibited, each product is judged on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Customer Support Service for review of your products and/or services.

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